Groggily, I drag myself to a sitting position at the edge of my bed. 6:30 a.m. — why did I stay up so late binging “Dead to Me?” Friday is my go-to writing day, but my brain just doesn’t want to wake up this morning.

A nap, that’s what I need. A nap, and then I’ll jump out of bed raring to go and ready to write clever copy for hours and hours.

Yeah, right.

Going back to sleep for an hour isn’t a nap so much as it is plain old sleeping in. …

Thanks for making this simple. I read a book summary, attended a three-hour workshop, and read numerous other articles but couldn't quite break it down. It seemed too complicated. You made me realize The 12 Week Year is not complicated.


Quirky recovering journalist; ambivert; occasional asshat; interest in writing, productivity, sleep, coffee, food, dark chocolate, dogs; IfIWereBossOfTheWorld

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